Bulkley Richardson Welcomes Tina Sbrega to Speak at New Cannabis Series

Bulkley Richardson is pleased to announce Cannabis P4P: The Business of Cannabis, a new series consisting of events, written alerts and related resources from professionals for professionals (“P4P”) within Massachusetts’ cannabis industry. The launch event will be held on June 18th as the firm welcomes Tina Sbrega, President and CEO of GFA Federal Credit Union, the first financial institution in the state to serve recreational marijuana companies. She will cover the regulatory hurdles to banking in the cannabis industry, what services are available, how to apply for an account and how to be a compliant “bank customer.”

Restricted by federal laws to open banking accounts in federally insured financial institutions, legal cannabis businesses are forced to conduct all transactions in cash. Recognizing the risks a cash-based business poses for public safety, Tina Sbrega and the GFA Federal Credit Union Board created a subsidiary to bring a turnkey banking service to the Massachusetts and New Hampshire cannabis industry. They are proud to be serving the cannabis industry and providing a turnkey banking solution to assist them in managing their legitimate businesses.

We envision the series to be a forum where stakeholders in the cannabis industry, including lawyers, accountants, bankers, investors, insurance agents, consultants and other professionals, can discuss the evolving cannabis landscape, share information and work in unison to assist business growth.

The first event will be held on Tuesday, June 18 from Noon until 1:30pm at Bulkley Richardson’s offices located at 1500 Main Street, Springfield, MA. Lunch will be served. Registration is required at marketing@bulkley.com.

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