Our Pledge

At Bulkley Richardson, we reject racism, hate, bigotry and all forms of discrimination. It is our responsibility to take an introspective look at our policies, hiring practices and role in the community in order to identify and work towards eradicating systemic racism. Change needs to start from within.  

We pledge to:

  • Be more aware of and sensitive to racial, gender and cultural stereotypes;
  • Be mindful of biases, prejudices and bigotry that exist within our own lives;
  • Educate ourselves on issues of systemic racism and racial injustice;
  • Recognize both the progress made for LGBTQIA+ rights and engage in the work left to be done; 
  • Empower women;
  • Support initiatives to advance racial, gender and economic equity;
  • Increase equity and create a balance of fair opportunities;
  • Invest time and resources in initiatives to stimulate change within our firm and surrounding communities; and
  • Hold a high standard of what it means to be respectful.