Bulkley Richardson is committed to fostering a culture of mutual respect. Through promoting an environment of diversity and inclusion within our firm, we organically improve the day-to-day experiences of our attorneys and staff. In addition, we can better attract and retain a talented workforce, strengthen our professional and community alliances, and bring unique perspectives that enhance the quality of our legal work.

Our goal is to lead by example regarding diversity and inclusiveness. To achieve this goal, we pledge the following efforts:

  • Make diversity and inclusion a core attribute within the firm’s overall mission;
  • Engage the attorneys and staff by creating a culture of acceptance;
  • Recognize contributions; 
  • Train and mentor for retention and success;
  • Educate and raise awareness on issues of diversity;
  • Hold a high standard of what it means to be respectful;
  • Encourage regular conversation and an open dialogue when it comes to differences among us;
  • Maintain memberships in and support of organizations that support diversity and inclusion in the legal profession and in our communities;
  • Make a conscious choice to conduct business with diverse vendors, suppliers and service providers; and
  • Be a responsible and contributing member of the community in which we practice.