Copyright, Right to Publicity and Digital Media: Use, Licensing and Defense of Creative Expression and Personal Images

Whether it is poetry or architectural plans, a song or computer software, Bulkley Richardson is the firm that will protect your copyrightable work and solve any copyright problem of whatever form. Our IP lawyers have specialized experience resolving legal and business challenges involving the use of creative expression, both in traditional and digital media, and particularly in the often-complex area where digital technologies and creative expression intersect.  

Bulkley Richardson’s attorneys work with a range of clients — from artists and writers to publishers, from startups to large corporations — on copyright, digital media and right to publicity matters that run the gamut from a quick phone call to resolve an image use question or attribution omission, to negotiating a book contract, to litigating infringement and image misuse cases in federal and state court.

Our practice is directed to the protection and use of copyrightable works, including:

  • Computer software
  • Fabric and pottery designs
  • Fine art
  • Literary works
  • Musical works

In addition to traditional registration and enforcement activities, our attorneys counsel clients regarding international licensing programs, Internet issues, domain name administration and disputes, and infringement opinions.

Our copyright, digital media, and right to publicity practice areas include:

  • Copyright registration
  • Individual rights to name and image
  • Fair use
  • Rights to software source code
  • Assignment and licensing
  • Defending against copyright trolls
  • Enforcement
  • Litigation and alternative dispute resolution

Our attorneys not only have substantial experience, but also teach, in the rapidly developing area of social media law.