Environmental Compliance

Resolving environmental issues typically involves understanding and addressing not only legal responsibilities but also both the science that underlies those issues and the technology that can help resolve them. Our attorneys bring to bear both legal and technical backgrounds when tackling complex environmental problems. That technical expertise includes that of partner Jim Duda is a professional engineer, who has previously worked as an engineer and energy resource specialist with the California Department of Water Resources, and as an environmental planner and alternative energy consultant in private practice.

It also includes partner Mary Bonzagni, an analytical chemist with experience at CDM Smith and Springborn Laboratories Inc. working in their water and wastewater analysis laboratories, specializing in mass spectrometry analysis, who brings an in-depth understanding of the chemical processes and phenomena upon which resolution of environmental problems rely.   

Representative Experience

Matters that our attorneys have helped to resolve include:

  • Litigation of a 5,000-member toxic tort lawsuit arising from a large-scale air release of butadiene in Texas
  • Superfund clean-ups in Maryland and Connecticut
  • Allocation of a responsibility for a large oil spill into the waters of Alaska
  • Various state regulated remediations of releases of hazardous materials to ground and groundwater
  • Equitable and rational transitions of brownfield sites to productive use.