Intellectual Property and Technology Monetization Worldwide

The development of intellectual property assets is vital to the competitiveness, growth, and innovation of many entities. Valuable IP, whether it be in the form of proprietary technology or creative expression, is worth protecting and safeguarding in the same way as any other important asset. Such IP reflects monetary value that may be used to generate revenue.

Investing significantly in IP development, however, without a strategy for a reasonable return on that investment can lead to misguided investments and stranding of useful and valuable innovations.  We help our clients avoid such waste of resources by creating legal and relationship frameworks where IP can be sold or shared commercially for value. We do so not only in the context of the specialty services that we provide to help identify, develop, and protect IP, but also by:

  • Creating and implementing IP development strategies
  • Structuring joint venture and other technology development arrangements such as joint development agreements and consultant agreements
  • Developing technology transfer agreements
  • Negotiating and preparing IP assignment and licensing or cross-licensing agreements such as exclusive marketing agreements
  • Developing financing arrangements for entrepreneurial exploitation of new technologies
  • Providing strategic and legal guidance on brand development
  • Developing and implementing government strategies and legislation
  • Assisting with prudent tax planning