Jodi K. Miller

“After more than a decade, I grew tired of the congestion of the city and ongoing demands of the Manhattan legal world. I wanted to find a firm with highly-talented attorneys where I could continue to advance my career and work on complex cases with interesting clients – AND afford to buy a home, fulfill my dream of owning land for a few horses and some dogs, and enjoy the natural beauty of our local landscape. As a Western Massachusetts firm, Bulkley Richardson offers the best of both worlds, and I think these attributes would be incredibly appealing to candidates.”


Jennifer Jacque

“As someone who spent nearly two decades at some of Boston’s best firms, I never imagined I would want to leave. Until I had children. My move to Western MA has given my daughters wide open spaces to play and access to stellar schools. Bulkley Richardson has allowed me the opportunity to remain committed to my career while being present with my family. The firm helped me achieve a work/life balance that I never thought was possible.”


Seunghee Cha

“When I began considering a lateral move, I evaluated two criteria: reputation and synergy. I was attracted to Bulkley Richardson because it allowed me the opportunity to practice law with accomplished attorneys dedicated to excellence.”


Ryan J. Barry

“I grew up in Western MA and it amazes me that there are still so many undiscovered gems. Our family likes to hike, bike and ski – and the landscape here is ideal for it all. Mountains, valleys, rivers… And it never hurts when there is a local brewery for us to stop at along the way. Even better when that brewery is a client!”