Westfield Food Pantry Receives Gift

The Greater Westfield Emergency Food Pantry received recently a $2,000 donation from the Springfield-based law firm, Bulkley Richardson.

Director of the Greater Westfield Emergency Food Pantry, Rebecca Hart, comments, “Since the expiration of special government assistance during the pandemic, we have witnessed the need for additional aid in feeding the hungry.  Along with a dramatic rise in prices for food and housing, food insecurity remains a growing concern.”

Mike Roundy, partner at Bulkley Richardson and longtime Westfield resident responds, “Seeing the real struggles that members of our community face every day to meet basic needs is painful.  I am pleased that our firm can be a small part of the solution to help combat hunger – but there is so much more work to be done.  I encourage others to help in ways that they are able.”

The mission of the Westfield Emergency Food pantry is to provide food to those in need in the Greater Westfield area; to foster self-sufficiency in individuals through encouragement, support, and guidance and education; and to identify and address the root causes of hunger in our community and to strive to provide long-term solutions.

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