Bulkley Richardson Presents on Causes, Consequences and Lessons Learned from Cyber Incidents

Bulkley Richardson continues their CyberSafe series on Wednesday, March 11th for a discussion on legal, technical and law enforcement responses to common cybersecurity incidents. This will be an interactive and dynamic, scenario-based discussion, providing a unique opportunity to understand causes and consequences of these thefts, and key lessons learned, from the CEO of a company that has twice been the victim of cybersecurity crimes; from the head of an IT company that was responsible for uncovering and responding to those and hundreds of other events (and who will include a demonstration of the depth of the dark web); from a national law enforcement official responsible for investigating these crimes locally, but in a national, and international context, and who is keenly aware of the issues of timing and cooperation; and from a cybersecurity attorney who will discuss what should – and should not – be done to fulfill associated legal responsibilities.

Speakers include attorneys Jim Duda and Lauren Ostberg of Bulkley Richardson’s Cybersecurity Group, Delcie Bean of Paragus Strategic IT, Julie Cowley of the FBI and Eric Hagopian of Pilot Precision Products.

Join Bulkley Richardson on Wednesday, March 11th for “There Has Been a Security Breach. Now What?” We invite businesses and organizations to join us on Wednesday, March 11th from 4 to 5:30pm at Bulkley Richardson’s office in Springfield. Following the program, there will be a networking reception. Registration is required at marketing@bulkley.com

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