Stephen Holstrom Chairs New Lawyers’ Section of Hampden County Bar Association

Stephen Holstrom has been elected as the New Lawyers’ Section Chairperson of the Hampden County Bar Association for 2018-2019.  As Chairperson, Steve is responsible for leadership of the section, playing an integral role in incorporating new lawyers into the Hampden County legal community, as well as providing a pipeline to new members of the bar.  The New Lawyers’ Section is also active in community service, both legal and non-legal work, and generally provides support to new lawyers seeking to make their way in Hampden County through providing educational opportunities, speakers, monthly meetings and social events.  Membership in the New Lawyers’ Section is limited to attorneys practicing ten years or less.

As a section chair, Steve has a seat on the Hampden County Bar Association Board.  And as part of that role, he will serve on the Continuing Legal Education Committee and Membership, Member Benefit & Sponsorship Committee.

Prior to this position, Steve was Treasurer and then Secretary of the New Lawyers’ Section and has served on the section’s executive board for the last several years.

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