Professionals are facing increased scrutiny in their respective fields. Whether by a lawsuit or licensing authority investigation, doctors, lawyers and other professionals find themselves involved in legal proceedings often initiated by clients. For more than thirty years, Bulkley Richardson has been defending professionals in malpractice lawsuits. We understand not only the professional effects a claim or complaint can have on you, but also the financial and personal effects. Our experienced Professional Malpractice Group will help you navigate these sensitive issues, and potential ramifications. We have the knowledge to thoroughly evaluate your cases early in the process, and determine the most beneficial course of action for you going forward.        

Our Professional Malpractice Group has over eighty years of combined individual experience representing professionals.  We have represented healthcare professionals through all stages of litigation. We have tried numerous professional malpractice cases to defense verdicts, including verdicts for surgeons, pediatric neurologists, obstetrician/gynecologists, anesthesiologists, internists/family medicine physicians, and many other specialties. We also represent physicians in disciplinary proceedings brought by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine, as well as chiropractors, dentists, nurses and other healthcare providers in disciplinary actions before their respective licensing boards. We have also handled a significant number of cases involving allegations of malpractice by other professionals, including attorneys, accountants, architects and engineers, and have represented plaintiffs and defendants in such cases.

As part of its enduring goal of obtaining the best results for its clients with the least cost incurred, Bulkley Richardson is firmly committed to evaluating malpractice claims early to determine whether the best course of action is to settle or try the matter. If the early investigation of the case indicates that settlement is advisable, the firm’s lawyers will work to put the case in a strategic posture that will allow us to settle the case on terms that are as advantageous as possible to the client. In addition, the firm is receptive to the use of alternative dispute resolution as a means of resolving such claims quickly and successfully. However, the firm’s lawyers are always willing and able to try cases that cannot settle or which do not warrant settlement.

Bulkley Richardson is currently used as defense counsel by several companies, including Coverys, Baystate Health, Inc., CMIC Group, Berkshire Health Systems and Preferred Physicians Medical.