The lawyers of the Intellectual Property & Technology Practice Group offer strategic insights and solutions to individuals, entrepreneurs, small businesses at all stages of development, non-profit organizations, academic institutions and local, national and multi-national corporations facing both simple and complex intellectual property (IP) issues as they develop and exploit new technology. We work closely with our clients as a team to identify, develop, protect, and monetize their IP. Value is added by delving deep into our clients’ technology, identifying all forms of IP requiring protection, and assisting them in protecting and expanding upon their creative concepts and securing the integrity of their brands. We can then draw from our firm’s other relevant practice groups to help turn ideas into revenue streams.

Should an IP-related dispute arise, we are there to protect our clients’ interests effectively and efficiently. Because all actions we take in response to disputes are based on a thorough understanding of applicable laws and facts, we formulate a proper resolution to any IP-related dispute early and thus strive to resolve disputed matters before they get to court or other tribunal.

When necessary, we litigate zealously and effectively. We have successfully asserted and defended our clients’ IP rights in tribunals in the United States and around the world, including:

  • U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
  • State and federal trial and appellate courts
  • European Patent Office in Munich and in The Hague
  • Indian Patent Office
  • Stockholm District Court
  • Milan and Bologna courts in Italy
  • IP Australia.

Our capabilities embrace all categories of IP, including litigation and transactional matters. Click on any of the following subjects for a further discussion of our experience and capabilities in these areas.